Q1. What would you do if you encountered a UFO?
Q2. What’s the ‘moe’ point of a girl you would like?
Q3. If you did an image change, what kind of hairstyle would you like to challenge?
Q4. Can you see past the member’s lies and secrets?

A1: I’d space out staring at it (laughs). Because I’d be worried by what’s inside, I think I might want to try capturing it. But it’d be scary, so if I discovered it, I’d run away.
A2: I like someone who’s eyes become small when they laugh. CNU’s eyes also become like half-moon shaped when he laughs, when I see that, somehow it’s nice.
A3: I’d like to try my best to have it short. Otherwise, I’d like to make it long like CNU’s. But I think my current length is perfect. (laughs)
A4: Because I have a sharp intuition, I can pay attention and notice the changes in people. Actually, because I can cheer up quickly when I have troubles, I often give advice. Especially when Sandeul has troubles, I can understand him easily. Sandeul also talks with me a lot.

Jinyoung. Born 1991.11.18, Blood Type A

A1: Obviously I’d run away. But, running away would be hard, while thinking I’m too late, I’d think about capturing it. I’m the type to leave it to fate.
A2: I like a bright smile. When you feel the charm of someone who has the power to make the people around them feel good.
A3: It was my first time cutting it short like this, so I was nervous, but I was happy everyone was pleased.
A4: You understand each other easily just from looking at each other’s eyes, so you don’t have to lie, but once in a while I tell white lies. For example, sometimes I eat my own candies, but say Sandeul ate them (laughs). I often say those kinds of jokes.

CNU. Born 1991.06.16, Blood Type A

A1: I would capture the UFO on purpose, sneak in, and hijack the it from the aliens. Because it’s my dream to go on a space trip while I’m alive, if I took the UFO I’d first travel in space, then I would contribute to (help out) all the great people on Earth!
A2: Girls’ fragrance. In passing they have a scent that makes me unintentionally want to follow them, I don’t understand it either!
A3: I like my style right now, so I don’t really want to change it. Really! (laughs) But if I did change it, I wonder how it’d look long.
A4: I think if you can talk it out, you’ll understand. Because I’ll be with you forever, if you’re lying I’ll know one way or another. I’d be the first one to be exposed though (laughs), so I’ll never lie!

Sandeul. Born 1992.03.20, Blood Type A

A1: Because it’s scary, I’d run. If it were caught, I’d hit it and run.
A2: When her entire face wrinkles while laughing. To me, a lovely smiling face seems cuter.
A3: I’ve had average length short hair and close-cut hair like a monk, but I haven’t had long hair. So, if I were to grow my hair out wouldn’t it be fresh? Personally, I’ve always wanted to try a hairstyle that looks like a samurai for a period drama.
A4: Actually, it doesn’t really mean that would happen. If something were to happen, I think I’d definitely notice. That is, can’t you tell by the atmosphere/mood? But even if I do notice, I wouldn’t confront them and say something. I’m the type to wait for my partner to feel better.

Baro. Born 1992.09.05, Blood Type B

A1: Of course I’d take pictures, post them to SNS, and warn everyone. Until it’s captured, I’d write “Everybody run~!”
A2: I like cat-faced girls, because mine’s a dog’s face, right? My brothers always told me I resembled a dog.
A3: I want to grow out my hair. Until the next album, if I have time, I’d like to grow it down to my waist. I wonder how long it will take? Two years? Then our next comeback will be after two years! (laughs)
A4: People who lie would be nervous whether or not I’d notice them, and they would keep glancing at me. Then when they do something bad… [T/N: Wasn’t exactly sure how to translate the last part here so it’s left out.]

Gongchan. Born 1993.08.14, Blood Type A

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Q. How do you feel about coming to Taiwan again? Did anything change?
Jinyoung: This is our first time in a year to Taiwan, so I’m quite happy. The fans have waited for a long time so we’re very excited too. So when we found out when we were coming to Taiwan we were really happy. The moment we got off the plane there were so many people welcoming so so I felt really good! And the atmosphere at yesterday’s concert was really high so we’re still reeling from happiness from that. I hope we can come to Taiwan often to meet everyone (laugh).

Q. Were there any interesting things that happened at the concert yesterday?

(Upon hearing this question, the members smiled even wider.)
CNU: There are so many… (with a very serious face, as if he was back in the concert yesterday)
Jinyoung: Oh~ When we were singing the last song of the night, the fans held up banners that said “let’s be together forever”. At first I didn’t realize what the fans were holding up because it was a very upbeat song, and only belatedly realized what was on the banner. It left a lasting memory, especially to see the Taiwan fans holding up banners printed in Korean. I was quite amazed, and it was very meaningful.

Q. You sang a few songs from your new album yesterday too. Can you talk about your latest album?
Jinyoung: SOLO DAY is made solely from songs that were created by the members so it really shows off the individual musical color of the B1A4 members. The songs are of different genres, and is nice to listen to in summer. I hope everyone listens to our music!

Q. The members show up as different characters in the music video for SOLO DAY. At the end, a UFO appears as well. When you were filming the music video, were there any memorable episodes or memories?
Baro: Did we have any? (looks at Gongchan)
Gongchan: There were lots! For the music video, I had the image of a flower vagabond. In one of the scenes filmed at the beach, the local people looked at me and walked away after handing me $2. (the members burst out laughing~)
CNU: As for a lasting memory~ Because the music video was filmed in America, the weather was great. Afternoons were very toasty and the filming went well. But it becomes really cold at night. As we had lots of filming at the beach, the sea breeze kept blowing. It was like experiencing both summer and winter in the span of a day. So it was very memorable.
Q. An alien appears at the last part of the music video. Do you guys believe that aliens exist?
Baro: I believe they exist. In this unbelievably wide universe, Earth already has so many people living on it. Maybe there is another planet in this universe that has existence similar to those on Earth. I personally believe that aliens exist, but I don’t believe there are ghosts.
CNU: I think the same way as Baro. Other than humans on Earth, I think there are other forms of life on other planets. And like Baro, I don’t believe that there are ghosts.
Sandeul: Like Baro, I definitely believe in the existence of aliens. But~ I also believe in ghosts.
Jinyoung: So I guess you’ll be able to see ghosts. People who say they believe in ghosts tend to be able to see them after they say so! (Jinyoung is teasing Sandeul on purpose)
Sandeul: I believe that aliens existence. This universe has Earth. I have heard the rumour that in another dimension, there is a planet that is like Earth.
Gongchan: That’s a fact! (laugh)
Sandeul: Really? So you’ve seen it before?
Gongchan: I’ve seen photos and reports.
Sandeul: I only believed it after seeing it in the news. In the report, it says that on another planet there is an exact replica of me. If we are on Earth, then somewhere else there is also another Earth…
Jinyoung: Actually I believe in that too! After all it’s such a wide universe, the concept that only Earth exists is too confined.

Q. Since all of you believe in aliens, have you ever suspected one of the members being an alien?
(Upon hearing the questions, all of them turn to look at Gongchan…)
CNU: Yes yes (laugh), our maknae Gongchan is one! But rather than him being an alien, it is more accurate to say that he has some kind of special power. I ever suspected that he has some kind of superpower. And his eyesight is really good.
Gongchan: The hyungs all feel that I’m like an alien, but I’m not too sure about that myself. I’m just someone who goes with my gut feel, but~ is that odd too?

Q. A lot of B1A4’s music has been released in Taiwan as well. Can you recommend to the Taiwan BANAs different songs that fit different occasions?
Baro: On rainy days, I want to recommend 잘돼가. It is suitable to listen on rainy days, and when you’re watching the sunset. When you’re feeling a little depressed, this song can help to soothe your feelings out.
CNU: I want to recommend a song that is good for when you’re a little nervous, or surprised. And that is 이게무슨일이야, haha. This song is very appropriate when you listen when you’re frightened or feeling ridiculous at something. (The members then all make a surprised expression, while saying 이게무슨일이야! They are so in tune with each other, it’s so cute.)
Jinyoung: I want to recommend a song to listen to when you’re lonely – Lonely. Just as the song title suggests, listening to the song might make you feel more lonely but it also means that we are sharing that feeling of loneliness by singing to that same song.
Sandeul: It’ll be nice to listen to Beautiful Target on someone’s birthday. This song is very suitable for the mood of a birthday party, celebrating with your friends over a cake. The moment you play Beautiful Target, your mood will improve and the atmosphere of the birthday party will improe.
Gongchan: Our fans are mostly working or studying, so they need to spend long periods of time concentrating on something. When they get tired, it will be the time to listen to 물한잔, and release all that stress.

Q. It’s been more than 3 years since your debut. What is the most touching and unforgettable thing, or something you find amazing up until now?
Jinyoung: There are so many. For me it should be when I saw the images on the LED background at our debut stage. It was my dream to be a singer ever since I was young, and it was so surreal to have been able to stand on stage, sing and appear on television. It was really memorable for me.
Baro: When we got our first ever first place with 이게무슨일이야, I cried alongside the fans. That was the most unforgettable moment for me. And when we released our full length studio album WHO AM I, all of the songs in the album entered the music charts. We were all so amazed at that moment. We would have been really happy even if only our title song entered the charts, but it was so unexpected that all the songs entered it. We are really thankful to the fans and those who listened to our songs.

Q. B1A4 has had very good rapport with your fans. Other than your representative animals, have you ever thought of what animals are representative of BANAs?
Baro: I feel like BANAs are like peacocks. When peacocks spread their feathers, they are all in different colors. Our BANAs have a lot of different charms – the beautiful, the cute… They are pretty even when they cry. They’re also quite interesting, active and have their own colors they shine in. So BANAs are like peacocks. (CNU nods his head in agreement.)
Jinyoung: I feel they are like frogs. I’m not sure why too, but maybe it’s because of its color. Whenever I think about BANAs, grass green comes to my mind naturally. So I unconsciously think about frogs since they are cute and active.
Sandeul: They are like ducklings. Ducklings follow their mother around in a line behind her. Seeing BANAs makes me want to protect their feelings, so they remind me of ducklings. (This time Gongchan laughs and nods his head.)

Q. In your previous TRENDY interview, B1A4 shared your respective roles in the dormitory. 3 years down the road, have those roles changed?
Jinyoung: Even though everyone has a responsibility they are in charge of, we tend to decide everything now with rock paper scissors. That way it is the most fair. (laugh)

Q. We are more than halfway through 2014. What are some of the things B1A4 wish to fulfill before the year ends?

Jinyoung: Be it with the members, or by myself, I hope we can go on a holiday before the year ends. To be able to accumulate experiences, and make some special memories.
Baro: I also want to be able to go on a holiday. Either I go alone, or we make time together to go – I just wish for an enjoyable holiday.
CNU: I’m almost the same with them. Maybe it’s because we always say “let’s go, let’s go on a holiday together”, so our thoughts are almost similar. Be it a domestic holiday, or even a holiday in Taiwan. Touring different countries is our dream.
Sandeul: The things we want to accomplish are all the same, we really want to go on a holiday. I think even Gongchan will think so too, right? (tapping Gongchan, who sits next to him)
Gongchan: Of course, going on a holiday will be nice~ But there’s only a few months left and we also have our world tour. I actually hope to have more opportunities to meet the fans, or have different shows.
Sandeul: We will try to fulfill this dream! Our own road trip!

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Translation Credits: skipfire.tistory.com



[OFFICIAL] B1A4 Fan Cafe Update

[OFFICIAL] B1A4 Fan Cafe Update

[OFFICIAL] B1A4 Fan Cafe Update

[I’m Sandeul] BANA^^ Sandeullie Morning Selca;;ㅎㅎ

Good Morning~!!^^
It’s been a very very long while~
Our BANA♡♡
Were you feeling empty without me these days~??
Sorry~!! That is why I’m here to tell everyone that I’ve been doing fine~~!!ㅎㅎ
Lately, as it gets colder!! Please wear more layers~!!ㅠㅠ
Every~one every~one please don’t fall sick!!
Because we are doing well and will be back~~~
Lets see~~ Amongst our songs, the ones that give you warmth are~~!!
벅차 (too much), 작사랑 (crush), 여뻐 (pretty), so fine, 사랑 그땐(love then), (road), only one, etc etc… (It’s a lot right…satisfied!!ㅎㅎ)
Please listen while waiting for us and keep wa~rm~^^
Now it seems like there isn’t many days left till the day that we meet right??
Have another vibrant day today~!! Fighting!!

Source: Fancafe Translation: KR – CHI: RORO via BlackBANA_B1A4 CHI – ENG: whathehyuk